Alexis Paul, born in Sables d’Olonne in 1987, is a French musician and cultural actor embracing a diversity of contexts. He co-founded the Château Ephémère, the Humanist sk festival, the label Armures Provisoires, the radio show L’Heure Blanche, the music projects Belle Arché Lou and Saudaá Group. In 2016, he, alone with his mechanical organ, got involved in a créative project around the world. While exploring ten countries he looked into the existing relationship between music and its environment. He focused his work on music as a ‘’tool’’ celebrating consciousness, on solitude and melancholy as powerful forces of interaction and mediation. He is interested in writing and ethnopoetics and is currently setting the stage for future cross-disciplinary actions in these areas.

Saudaá Group

Belle Arché Lou

Armures Provisoires

Le Groupe du Crêt de la Neige