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    Twelve-inch 33 rpm vinyl – LP

    Humanist Records present Sorcery/Geography Witxes first long play album. This schizophrenic, feminine and plural project, leaning toward esotericism, is a sonic entity crashing popular music into singular music.
    Sorcery/Geography was recorded between Autumn 2010 and Winter 2012 in various places such as the Ligerian woods, Théâtre de Chaillot in Paris, the underground of an old castle in Chemical Valley as well as a fancy recording facility in Lyon, before being mastered in Brisbane by Lawrence English. Aiming at balancing improvisation and passionate sound research, Sorcery/Geography is a witchcrafted recreation of an inmost geography. Roaming, roving and raving are giving birth to melodic spaces fed on colourful sound layers, shimmering textures and residual traces of sonic instants in which everyone can find a place.
    Since its inception, the project opened twice for Tim Hecker on his european Ravedeath, 1972 tour, but also for Julianna Barwick, Chelsea Wolfe or Colin Potter of Fovea Hex/NurseWithWound, and created a special piece for an Extra Nuits Sonores 2010. Scrawls #01, a compilation of early Works was self-released in December 2010, followed by isolated tracks on various labels compilations (Basses Fréquences, SEM, Future Sequence). February 2012 saw the release of a 26-min piece entitled Winter Light Burns for Leonardo Rosado's Feedback Loop Label.

      Side A
    • 1. Unlocation5:34
    • 2. After the Horsefight5:13
    • 3. Thirteen Emeralds3:11
    • 4. Canyon Improbable4:02
    • 5. The Reason4:58
      Side B
    • 1. Dead Reckoning3:25
    • 2. Misscience2:50
    • 3. Dunes of Steel6:00
    • 4. Somewhere5:37
    • 5. No Sorcerer of Mine2:29